Dwarven Defender


Fighter 7/ Dwarven Defender 4

Str 20,
Dex 14,
Con 22,
Int 15,
Wis 10,
Cha 8

HP 164

AC 26 –
Full Plate +2, Heavy Shield +1

Weapon: Verida Sanogarenai – Dwarven Waraxe 1d10+7 x3(on hit -1 con point to target)

Fortitude 15,
Reflex 5,
Will 6

Weapons Focus – Dwarven Waraxe,
Weapons Specialization – Dwarven Waraxe,
Power Attack,
Uncanny Dodge,
Improved Critical – Dwarven Waraxe,
Trap Sense +1

Appraise 7,
Climb 7,
Craft (weapon) 18,
Craft (armor) 17,
Intimidate 11,
Jump 6,
Listen 1,
Search 4,
Sense Motive 2,
Swim 7

Defensive Stance 2/day

Deity: Moradin


Braddoc was formally known as Hargrim III of the Stoneheart Clan of Icewind Dale. He is the son of Hargrim II and grandson of Hargrim I. Both were clanwardens in their day.

He left his home after his wife Valwynn died in childbirth along with his unborn son.

After her death, he could no longer carry out his clan duties and decided to leave the clan so he would no longer be a burden to them.

He left early one morning, a friend of his Dolbere tried to stop him. The two fought with fists and Braddoc narrowly won. He bears a lazy eye and a scar under his right eye, to this day from that fight.

Hargrim took the name Braddoc and traveled for 20 years until he came upon Ammonford and settled there.

Magical Items:

Fullplate +2,
Heavy Sheild +1,
Verida Sanogarenai (dwarven waraxe),
Gauntlets of Ogre Power,
Torc of Heroic Sacrifice,
Vanguard Treds,
Ring of Sustenance.


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