Anaslia Mialee Elenar

A noble-minded cleric of Tyr, out to bring to equality to the world! (and if she happens to achieve some fame, forture, and success for herself along the way, that's just a price she'll have to pay.)


“Ana” 29 year old, neutral good female half-elf. 5’7”, brown curls, green eyes, fair skin with a persuasive personality that just has to make you think-there is something to this girl…

Cleric 10

Str 120 Dex 14 Con 16 Int 18 Wis 18 Cha 17 (19 with cloak) HP 86

AC 23 – Half plate mail, Light steel shield, +1 ring

Saves: Fortitude 10, Reflex 5, Will 11

War Hammer: +7/+2, 1d8 damage, critical x3, (2 additional throwing hammers) Dagger x6: +9/+4 (thrown) 1d4, critical x2 Sling: +7/+2 1d4, x2, 10 bullets

Feats: Shield (light) proficiency, Extra turning x2 (+4×2/day), Improved turning x2 +(1×2), Negotiator

Special abilities: Immunity to sleep spells, low-light vision (2x as far as humans), use of elf items, cast good spells at +1 caster level, Use of warhammer

Turning undead: strength of turning= d20+1(feat)+1(feat)+2(religious skill) +Cha see Table Damage: 2d6 + Cha + Cleric level(+1) Times: Cha mod+3+4+4/day

Spells: Spell Save DC Level Spells/day Domain spell 14 0 6 0 15 1 5 1 16 2 5 1 17 3 4 1 18 4 3 1 19 5 2 1

Skills: Concentration 11, Diplomacy 14, Gather Information 7, Heal 16, Knowledge (arcana) 12, (history) 8, (local) 9, (nature) 7, (nobility) 8, (the planes) 6, (religion) 16, Listen 5, Profession (linguist) 5, Search 5, Sense Motive 7, Spellcraft 8, Spot 8

Languages: Common, elvish, draconic, celestial, giant, gnomes, dwarven

Deity: Tyr, the good God of War, Truth, and Justice


Born of an elven mother and adventuring cleric human who lived in love with each other for 7 short years, away from society where they could live in peace together, Anaslia was raised to know and love both races and wish that there were no barriers between the races.

Anaslia Mialee Elenar

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