The Ammonford Crew

Onward to Glory!

So, you brave adventurers are about to head forth from Suzail to great adventures and regained honor, but is there anything that you would choose to do before you leave on this great quest?

The bars are flowing, the wenches love warriors (the barkeeps do too, and some look like chippendale dancers), the King favors you (but seems to be a little under the weather right now), dragons are dead, and you have a ship ready to leave on your command. What is the plan for Braddoc, Fi, Ana, Eggy, Trip, and BDC?

Your loving DM,



Braddoc is going to see if this human town has any ale worthy of a dwarf. Also, he’s doing some shopping.

Onward to Glory!

Ale: This might be the best ale you have ever tasted. You believe that clearly this ale must have been made by a dwarf in spite of the fact that the barkeep insists that it is his own brew.

For what are you shopping?

Onward to Glory!

That all depends on what the loot is we got from the dragons…hint hint but I’m looking for something to increase my Con, possibly in a necklace variety (only if that would stack with my defensive stance bonus)

A crystal if this thing with Fi goes up in smoke (pun intended)

and possibly some helmets, of which i have no idea what i’m looking for.

Onward to Glory!

Still waiting on the Level from BDC.

Onward to Glory!

How much do we owe the seamstress for our winter clothes?

Onward to Glory!

Ok, now that i know how much loot I have to spend. I’m looking for which of the following items are available and what the prices are:

  • amulet of Health (+whatever)
  • Corsair’s Eyepatch (MIC page 90)
  • Ring of Sustenance (DMG 233)
  • Lion’s Sheild (DMG 221)
  • Torc of Heroic Sacrifice (MIC 143)
  • Vanguard Treads (MIC 145)

I’m probably not going to buy everything on the list, so it all depends on prices and availability.

Onward to Glory!

Have finally picked my head up out of my knitting and am ready to focus on the truly important things in life. Namely, outfitting Fi. So! As we discussed over email Lo These Many Moons Ago, Fi’s going to pick up the Anklet of Translocation, the Gloves of Object Reading, and the Vanisher Cloak.

On top of that, she is looking to pick up the following from that seamstress that they recommended at the library: some longjohns two warm/wooly dresses warm boots 2-3 big wooly sweaters a heavy fur winter cloak mittens a hat (preferrably with a tassle on top)

She is also looking for warm weather gear for Harvey, so if she can pick or comission a Harvey-sized warm cloak, a Harvey-sized scarf, and some fur or wooly scraps from the seamstress’ cutting room so Harvey can keep his familiar pocket warm and cozy.

How are we getting from Suzail to wherever we are going to from Suzail? If it’s another boat, I’m not going to replace the dearly departed Buttercup just yet.

Onward to Glory!

Welcome back Annie!

Onward to Glory!

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