The Ammonford Crew

Fi's Notebook 1

The notes and magical references of Fionnula, Wizard.

10th Eleasis 1398

I have been neglecting my magical studies while we have been adventuring, which is a bad idea, especially if I’m going to be taking the year off to go Icewind Dale. I just realized I haven’t updated this since my notes on the burning stone during the finals! There’s far too much to fill in from then, so I’ll just start with my most recent project.

We are currently in Suzail, preparing to continue on to Icewind Dale. I’m not sure how we are getting there—Eggy and Braddoc are handling the maps. While here I have been able to take advantage of the library which is AMAZING. Bigger than the one at school, even. I was able to take a few hours to research Dwarven customs (this will be useful when we meet Braddoc’s family. I’m SO excited. I bet his mom is very nice.) and some useful enchantments on weaponry.

And that is my latest project. I’m going to try and enchant Braddoc’s axe with some fire powers. We saved a princess from a dragon, then from two more dragons. I was able to harvest the napalm gland from one of them (it’s singed a bit, but that shouldn’t matter) and I will use that in the spell.


Me mudder is a great woman, a better wrastler than me pop. She can also chug tankard in under 2 seconds! sigh Aw Mum. Aye, I’m handling yer maps. Last I checked Eggy wasn’t the best navigator.


Fi's Notebook 1

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