The Ammonford Crew

A Letter to Zar

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I tried that stone Fi has, but the blasted thing talked to me. It’s unnatural and a wee bit evil if ye ask me. No dwarf worth his beard would be caught using that infernal thing.

So I’m sending ye a letter the old fashioned way. If it ain’t broke, a dwarf made it, as they say.

So how are things? We hit Suzail a couple days ago. They have everything for sale here…it’s crazy the amount of stuff a dwarf can get. Some is right-proper quality too, dwarven originals. This place is HUGE. It’s not quite up to dwarvish standards, for the ye have to build down, but it’ll do.

OH! And Moradin’s Hammer, this area is infested with dragons. Turns out one big un stole the princess. I never want to see one o’ them scaled orc shagging, tail wagging, bad breathed, walking pair o’boots, sorry excuse for lizards again! We killed three of them in a couple o’days. They kept coming! It’s a good thing there was yer ol’ dwarf here. Who knows if those youngsters could’a kept their heads. But a calm head prevailed and now, Faerun is a few wyrm short. So, we made friends with the King, he was kinda distracted though. He didn’t even care to play me drinking game. I hate dragons.

Anyway, we’re all doing well. We’re heading down the river I guess, then on foot to Baldur’s Gate. Then we should leap-gnome north to Waterdeep and Luskan and that should do it.

I’m pricing yer armor out, so far suzail has it, but it’s pricey. So if this is the place to get it, I’ll grab it on me way back.

Take care, and don’t ye go screwing up something fierce like getting yerself killed. I’d find yer sorry half-elven soul in the abyss to give ye a piece o’ me mind. What I mean to say is, um…take care and look after yerself. I worry about ye with all those cut-throats. (ink smudge) I got something in me eye. Say hullo to Kind Thord for me.

Yer Dwarf,



How is Braddoc planning on sending the letter? By mailcarrier (about a month to deliver), or use a wizard to teleport it?

A Letter to Zar

Mailcarrier…be it pigeon or some really strung-out guy on horseback. Even if it’s a ship that’s on its way back to Caenmore, that could do. Wicksards need not apply.

A Letter to Zar

Well, by the time Zar gets the letter, Braddoc will be at least to Baldur’s Gate. It will get there, but it will be slow.

A Letter to Zar

Slow is fine, Braddoc will, naturally, live to 250 years.

A Letter to Zar

yes, but Zar won’t. With his current surroundings, Zar might not see 21. D

A Letter to Zar

Zar’s tough, he’ll be fine. If not, i’m sure we can pay for a nice headstone.

A Letter to Zar

thanks, I am glad that at least Zar will be well remembered if he dies.


A Letter to Zar

Don’t worry, he’ll get a nice cupid piddling in a cistern and the whole 9 yards.

A Letter to Zar

That would be funny . . . I think Zar might come back to haunt you for that, but he wouldn’t be able to stop it.

A Letter to Zar

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